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Photo Gallery

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Ghosting Effects

Ring Light Effect

Many Black and Whites

Sepia (Old Newspaper)

Garden Wedding with Decorated Arch

Notice How Bouquets and Arch are Coordinated?

Another Example of Color Coordnation

We Have Fun with Our Pictures

So Many Beautiful Areas for Posed Shots

Bride and Grooms First Dance

Again, Notice Color Coordination

Many Reception Areas for 25 to 200

Our DJ is the Best

Cake Topper

Another Topper and OH! MY! What Tasty Cakes!

Choose your Color, Choose Your Tiers

How Do You Want Your Cake Decorated?

Larger Reception Area

No Matter Your Colors - We Coordinate

The Mountain Views are Spectacular

Bride Ascending Stairs with Father to Her Groom

The Wedding Party is Off To Reception, But Still More Poses!

Chocolate Anyone? Not Traditional - But Delicious!

Beautiful Wedding Party Beutiful Wedding

Remind You of the 60's? Greenbrier Wedding

Typical Pose of Ours

Beautiful Grenbrier Cascades

Greenbrier Ceremony

Greenbrier Ceremony

We Have Many Poses at Greenbrier

Could Not Resist One More Ghosting at Greenbrier

Grenbrier Cascades

Note: Flow of Water Dependent Upon Rain or Lack of It. Most of the time it gushes.

Posed Picture at Greenbrier

Patriot Park Gazebo Wedding

Closer View of Patriot Park Gazebo

You Never Know When Un-Invited Guest Shows

Is That a Bear Cub?

Bear at Photo Shoot

Bear at Photo Shoot

We Have Many Decorations for Your Wedding

Outdoor Weddings Can Be Beautiful in Winter

Outdoor Weddings Can Be Beautiful in Winter