Smokey Mountain Wedding Presents

DJ Randall @ Rave On Wave
3 Hours Service $450.00

Smokey Mountain Wedding Presents

Below is the form for our brides who are scheduling “DJ Randall at Rave On Wave Mobile” to fill out for their use. Thank You! TOP 200 MUSIC LIST CLICK HERE

Please Fill Our Form Below

Name of Bride:

Date of Wedding



Time to BEGIN Music

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Please check the following boxes and fill in the appropriate answers to questions. These are formalities you may choose (or add your own). Check the appropriate box “yes or no or check no box at all.” Please number in order of which you wish them to occur: 1st, 2nd, etc.

Introduce the Bride and Groom as:

YES NO This Order Description
Toast to the Bride and Groom
Cutting the Wedding Cake
Dinner or Buffet
Bride and Groom’s First Dance
       (See Song List for Ideas)
Please List Title and Artsit 
Dance Alone (Recommended)

 Guests Join Half Way Through
Father – Daughter Dance
(Suggestion: “Daddy’s Little Girl”
Please List Title and Artist 
The Bride will dance with Mr. 
Relationship (Father, Step-Father, etc.)
The Groom Will Dance With Mrs. 
Relationship (Father, Step-Father, etc.)
Throwing the Bouquet
Removing and Throwing the Garter
(Suggested: “The Stripper”)
Please List Title and Artist 
Dollar Dance (We Will Play Various Slow Songs)
Other Formality