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Frequently Asked Questions Submitted To Us

My fiancé and I live in Alabama. What marriage licenses, if any, are required for our Wedding to take place in Tennessee? Is there a waiting period for these licenses?

We will be coming from Georgia, what do we need to bring with us, do we need blood work?

Needing information regarding marriage license. Places that the license can be bought and their hours of operation.

Answer: As of this writing, all one needs to obtain a marriage license in Tennessee is a Photo ID such as driver’s license. There is no waiting period. In most cases, it takes about ten (10) minutes to obtain your marriage license. The addresses and hours of operation of the three locations in Sevier County is on our website. Two of them are open on Saturday. Please go to “License Information” or Click Here

We live in SC. Can we get a license and marry in your state? Do we need a license from your state or can a SC marriage license work?

Answer: You must have a Tennessee marriage License to marry in the state. It is simple to obtain one. See above.

Both of us are divorced, do we need any specific dates or paperwork to be able to obtain a marriage license?

Answer: Only the date of your divorce is needed. The date must be more than 30 days. This information is what we know to be accurate now. However, it is always best to call the courthouse to get the latest information. The address and telephone numbers for the three courthouses in Sevier county on on our website at Marriage License and click on “License Information.”


Answer: No Paperwork or License Needed. We Do Give you a Certificate suitable for framing. Example is on our website. Go to “Renewing Your Wedding” or click here.

How early, before the ceremony begins do we need to meet with you and where?

Answer: We ask you to to be ready fifteen (15) minutes before your appointed time. This is when the minister arrives to do your paperwork. IMPORTANT: If you are more than fifteen minutes late, we may have to reschedule later in the day. If 30 minutes late or more, late fees may be assessed. (Our ministers and photographers have other appointments and we have to compensate them for their time.)

Are there any additional charges not specified?

Answer: No hidden charges at all. As a matter of fact we take great care in giving you full amounts including gratuities, service charges and taxes. As far as state taxes, the “minister service” is non taxable. However, flowers, cakes etc. are subject to a 9.5% state tax.


Answer: If it is in the Great Smoky National Park, we need a permit. The permit allows a MAXIMUM of 20 people. (Including minister) IMPORTANT: “Just the Two of Us” wedding is intended to be a simple ceremony for 2 people. You can have as many guests to observe as possible. The more the merrier. It is not meant for a large wedding party of groomsmen, bride’s maids, flower girls etc. Larger wedding parties (not guests) take more time. Please call us if you are having more people in a wedding party for arrangements.

Do we need to give a notice? If so how long?
How far in advance do we need to notify you that we would like for you to marry us? Are there any days that are better then others to marry?

Answer: Most of the time we can accommodate folks with notice as short as the same day. However, we do go by first come first serve basis. It is best to at least give us your intentions. We are here to serve. We will try our utmost to help you.

We want to have an outdoor wedding ceremony…can we do this mid-March (19th to be exact)?
I have elected for an outdoor wedding in the park. What are my alternatives in case of rain? Does moving the site, in this situation cost more?

Answer: We perform outdoor weddings all year long. We could have 70 degree weather or snow in March. We always have a backup in case of bad weather. There is no additional charge. We keep in contact with you constantly until after your wedding. We will notify you in advance of any changes. THIS RARELY HAPPENS!

We Are In The Process of Updating Our “Frequently Asked Questions”

If you can’t find an answer here please give us a call regarding your concern so we can properly assist you. (865) 428-6392

To reserve your wedding, we need to process a deposit of 25% (of ENTIRE package) to secure your date and time. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. NOTE: Some off-site locations, and permits require their OWN deposits, which are also Non-Refundable. In some circumstances, deposits may be held and put toward a wedding/renewal of the same couple, within the next twelve months.
If Cancellation is INSIDE OF 30 DAYS, all fee’s paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes last minute scheduled weddings. Please inquire with your wedding coordinator immediately, if you have any questions.