Carriage Ride Wedding

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Smoky Mountains Carriage Weddings

(Any and All Family, Friends Are Welcome to Attend)

This simple ceremony is performed by an ordained minister at Walden's Landing in Pigeon Forge, TN. You will receive a dozen roses and 20 or more pictures of your wedding and carriage ride put on a disk. This wedding package is only from sunset to midnight due to the lit up carriages. The carriage ride is closed after New Years Day until March 19.

*Price $300.00 NO CANCELLATION or REFUND POLICE Due to Vendor’s Policy, there is no refund on cancellations. (Their Policy Not Ours)



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If Cancellation is INSIDE OF 30 DAYS, all fee’s paid are NON-REFUNDABLE. This includes last minute scheduled weddings. Please inquire with your wedding coordinator immediately, if you have any questions.